Buying A New Bed - A Simple 5-Step Guide!
Steps for buying mattress frame

Steps for buying mattress frame

What are mattress frame?

Mattress frame of Bed frame forms the skeleton of your bed. Bed Frame is a type of furniture, which is used to support your mattress and also at times to support the canopy over it. There are multiple ways to build bed frame furniture. Most of the material used is wood, steel, composite material. There is certain furniture which could be the combination of all the materials. Mattress of bed frames is designed in a way that it can house the mattresses. Hence, it is important to predefine what kind of mattress you would like to house, and accordingly dimension of the Bed-frame is defined. Broadly bed-frames are used to support the mattress and box spring.

Mattress frame defines style statement of your Bedroom vanity. Certain bed frames with headboard, footboard and canopy combined decorate room and make it lively. For Home use, steel and wooden bed frames are generally the preferred materials for the bed frames.

In a military application, the bed frames designed is a twin sharing type bunk bed. For making bunk bed majorly iron is used.

Guidelines on buying mattress frame

There are several steps to follow while buying the bed frame. People should know what room the frame will be installed, space and the decor of the room. The budget and movability of frames. Then buyers need to define the type of material and type of frame they are looking for:

  1. What room will the bed be installed?

Check the room where you wish to install, master bedroom, couple’s bedroom, kid’s bedroom or guest room.

  1. How much space is available to install bed frame?

Check the space available and space required by the bed.

  1. Movability of Bed

Check the movability of the bed if the bed frame is with or not. If the place for movement is not there, then having stable bed frame is recommended.

  1. Check décor of the room

Décor forms the important part of the room. And selecting bed-frame which aesthetically matches the room décor is important for seamless feeling.

  1. And finally the budget

Must check the budget, and according make your choice of the design, style of the bed-frame

Different types of Bed Frame are:

  1. Adjustable metal frames
  2. Bunk Bed Type Metal Frames
  3. Bed with Canopy Support Post comes in Wooden Frame and Metal Frame
  4. Similar to point 3, but without Canopy Only Four Post
  5. Captain’s bed Type frame, which has provision of drawers and storage beneath the mattress
  6. Mission Type frame, comes with headboard and footboard
  7. Platform Type beds are low to ground bed
  8. Sleigh bed frames are similar to mission type frame but have a carved headboards and foot boards.

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