Beautyrest Silver Extra Firm 800, Queen Innerspring
Beautyrest Silver Extra Firm 800, Queen Innerspring Mattress
Strong extra firm mattress

Strong extra firm mattress

Having back problems and unable to get a good night’s sleep owing to them? The answer lies in the mattress. Change the mattress to something more suitable and voila! Your problems are history!

Aches and pains

Many of us suffer from aches and pains on waking- especially in the neck or the lower back. The general belief is that an extra firm mattress is the answer to the problem. That is so not true. The rigidity of an extra firm mattress actually increases the pressure on the spine which in turn causes uncomfortable and disturbed sleep. If you have the habit of sleeping flat on your back then the extra firm mattress could help to some extent. But, if you are in the habit of sleeping on your sides, then a firm mattress will restrict blood flow and end up making your limbs feel numb. It does not support the body weight but distributes the weight unevenly and puts a lot of pressure on joints like the hips, shoulders and neck.

The best option

The extra firm mattress is not the solution for these ailments. The best option would be the medium firm mattress with intermittent layers of latex and memory foam. Some of the mattresses contain cool gel injected into them to regulate the temperature. The gel circulates the body heat and keeps your sleeping region cool at all times. The latex mattress is firm as well as soft and supportive. It is the perfect blend of comfort and support. It is the best option to combat bodily aches and pains.

Material and types

Considering the not so favorable effect of the extra firm mattresses, manufacturers have come up with modifications which give it a softer feel while maintaining the firmness. They have introduced different types of these mattresses using various materials. The use of different materials has changed the definition and the perception of extra firm mattresses. It is now made both comfortable and supportive to provide a good night’s sleep. Now the term firmness refers to the feel of the mattress with respect to the upholstery, feel and comfort. The innovation includes a softer sleeping area over the firm base mattress. The surface of the mattress is injected with a gel that helps in deflecting the heat away from the body. The breathable material used for the upholstery makes sleeping a cool and pleasurable experience. The injected gel also helps in supporting the body weight. Another type is the one with an extra layer of cushion on the firm mattress. The layer of cushion provides the required softness while the firm mattress supports the body. This is a real boon for those with debilitating back pain.

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