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Style your homes effortlessly using black throw blankets

Style your homes effortlessly using black throw blankets

Come winter and we all hasten to find shelter under a warm cozy throw blanket. But who locks away blankets when winter is gone? Throw blankets are a wonderful addition to home décor, and an extremely popular gift idea. There is nothing that can make us feel more at home than a blanket. Make it black, and we have a flexible decorating element that can be used in a hundred different ways around the house.

Easy and Functional Décor

Black throw blankets are extremely versatile; be your décor style traditional, contemporary, or something in between. Stylish and lightweight, these blankets can be perfect for a final touch to interiors, instantly adding a feeling of warmth and love, and a dash of color. They can be used to turn your simple light colored furniture a shade bolder, or keep your colorful décor grounded. After all, black is the queen of all colors, and can never go out of fashion. Read on for a few ideas on how you can style your homes, and make your loved ones comfortable, using an oh-so-flexible black throw blanket.

A perfect accessory for bedrooms

Beds are the first place we throw our blankets on. The most traditional way to add a black throw blanket to our bedrooms is to simply drape it lengthwise towards the foot of the bed, making it all the more inviting. You can also fold and hang it on the headboard, creating a unique and stylish look. If your bedroom is styled in whites or neutrals, you can create a very sleek and modern yet warm effect using the contrast.

A stylish addition to the living room

Couches and sofas are functional elements, and also play a key role in home decor. Adding a throw blanket to your sofas and cushions can accentuate the effect of the style you are going for, and add a personal touch as well.  Drape a throw blanket in black over a neutral colored cushion, or simply hang it on the armrest, and you have a well decorated home. Yet another way to style your throw blanket is to drape it on the center of the head rest and all the way down to the foot of the sofa or couch. Moreover, as throw blankets can protect your cushions from wear and tear; you are adding a protective element in style.

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