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The security blanket

The security blanket

Young children develop an unexplainable attachment to their blankets or a stuffed toy. While many feel this to be a cause for concern, doctors believe that this helps the children manage stress outside of the reassuring protection of their parents.

Personified blanket

Children often personify their favorite objects. They assign human feelings and other qualities to the inanimate objects. This is not a cause for concern. It is the mechanism adapted by the children the children to feel reassured and when their parents are not around. This the doctors feel helps in developing good imagination. The children even talk to their favored object as if it were a living thing. A case in point is Calvin and Hobbes the comic character who shows tremendous imaginative prowess. .

Qualities of security

It is not bad or a cause of concern if the child resorts to holding on to his / her blanket when left alone or feeling sleepy.  For a blanket to be liked by a child it should have the qualities that foster security. It must be soft to touch and be colored in comforting hues. The blanket must keep the child feeling comfortably warm without being sweaty and feeling constricted.


The baby blankets are available in various materials. Organic or natural material would be most suitable for children. Natural fibers allow the air to permeate so as to maintain the temperature within the blanket.  They are absorbent and help in preventing allergies and rashes. The polyester blankets are made from a chemical called polyethylene terephthalate and involves the use of extremely toxic substances in the manufacturing process. The polyester materials are not breathable and they trap the heat inside making the blanket feel like a furnace. They also produce a lot of static charges. The natural fiber blankets have weight and exert pressure which aids in calming the child and inducing sleep. The synthetic blankets on the other hand are very light and have the tendency to slip off.


Since children hold on to their blankets for a very long time, it is essential to buy a blanket that would last a very long time. The synthetic ones are long lasting but they scrunch and collect unsightly lint. Natural fabrics on the other hand become softer with age and feel comfortable even after innumerable washes. They are easy to wash and maintain.  Although they might fade, they maintain their appeal. However, it is advisable to use mild detergents that would aid the material’s durability.

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