DHP Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder
DHP Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Metal Frame and Ladder, Space
The space saving bunk bed frames

The space saving bunk bed frames

The bunk bed is one of the easiest options if you want to save some space. The beds are very much popular in the hostel and in the rooms of the kids. They are available in many styles and designs.


The bunk bed frames are usually made up of brass, wrought iron, metals, wood and some other composite materials. The design and the construction of the bunk beds are very unique as it allows a mattress to be used without the need of box spring. The ladder is also attached to the top frame so that it is easy to go to the upper bunk. There are no rails in the bottom floor as there are very little or no chances of injury.

Traditional frame:

The traditional bunk bed frames are constructed of couple of twin size frames one above the other. The newer frames are actually more safe as there are many valuable additions and can be easily used in different places.

The bunk beds are mostly designed in such a way that the full size frame is on the bottom and the twin size frame is on the top. It allows the older child to have some more sleeping space while the little one can make use of the top bunk. Nowadays, the bunk beds are coming with trundle beds in order to provide more sleeping space and other facilities.

Teenagers simply love it:

The teenagers simply love the bunk bed frames, as it is something that excites them. The bed is indeed a joy and comfort. The frame allows the teenagers to study as well as listen to the music.

Huge variety:

So many companies are manufacturing the bunk bed frames these days. It allows you to choose the one that is according to the taste and need of the kids. You will be able to find the frames with slides as well as the storage. The bunk beds provide a complete whole new experience. They are also available in different themes such as gymnastic, library, zoo etc. No doubt, the beds are really very helpful and above all space saving. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that the bed is completely safe. The safety should not be compromised at any cost. You must also not allow the younger kid to occupy the top half as there are chances of getting injured.

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