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The versatile and functional bolster pillows

The versatile and functional bolster pillows

The bolster pillows are designed to be versatile and multi functional. These pillows provide good support for your neck and back. Larger bolster pillows can be used in your kid’s playrooms and family rooms. You can also use them as baby bumpers inside the baby cribs or when you relax yourselves on the floor while reading books and other activities. You can use this pillow for various purposes in almost all places in your home.

Wide range of purposes

These narrow and long pillows or cushions are used for a wide range of purposes which is the best thing about them. You can use these bolster pillows to support your head during sleep like the regular pillows. It provides complete support to your head as it runs along the whole width of your bed. You will often find that your head sinks in between two pillows when using regular pillows. Hence this can be avoided when you use bolster pillows. These are perfect for pregnant women as well as for those who have a bad back.

Different types of bolster pillows

Bolster pillows are popular in some Asian countries since centuries and are found to be long, narrow and tubular in shape. Whereas in the western countries these pillows are often flat and used as normal pillows when sleeping. The bolster pillows provide comfort to those in the tropical regions and make them sleep warm and cozy.

Feathers of birds like ducks are often stuffed into the bolster pillows to make them soft and cushiony. They are also made of foam or filled using polyester fibre. The pillows take the shape of your body and hence they provide a good support and help get relief from the pain in your neck and back.

Decorative and beautiful bolster pillows

Bolster pillow cases also come in different types of fabrics which are soft and easy to wash. They are also used as decorative items like other types of pillows and come in beautiful designs and colours. You can use the tubular shaped bolsters to enhance the look of your beds and couches. You can also find covers made of materials like silk, satin or velvet for the designer bolster pillows. These pillows can be used in different ways and they are excellent items that you must buy some when shopping for stuffs to decorate your home.

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