Top 3 California King Down Comforters - The Best Rated Comforters
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Top 3 california king down comforters

Top 3 california king down comforters

A California king down comforter measures 110” x 100”. Being heavy, thick and warm, California king down comforter provides warmth and coziness even on the chilling cold winter nights and keeps you covered in opulence. California king down comforter is worth the costly investment when it satisfy your sleep and is being up to the mark. A huge stock is available everywhere, but some are obviously top rated.

Based on quality, baffling, thread count, fill power and buyer reviews, here’s a list of top 3 California king down comforters that provide luxurious warmth all night long and make you feel at home.


Having dimensions of 110” x 100”, this comforter is big enough with a few leisure inches. Having fill power of 550, this Canadian down comforter is categorized as a medium warmth comforter. This comforter is loaded with baffled box walls to keep the goose from migrating. The combo of gusset walls along the side and baffle box design offers a fluffy height of over 2”. The thread count of this comforter is 298. This California king down comforter satisfy The Down Association of Canada’s criteria of hygiene standards and high quality. A 15 years manufacturer’s warranty and no complaints about leaky feathers justifies its place in top 3 California King down comforters.


The high quality of white goose down and the construction design of this California King down comforter sets the upper range of the budget at about $800. It has got over 60 ounces of 800 fill power goose down which ranks in one of the lightest and warmest grades of goose down. The oversized dimensions of 110” x 112” offers extra inches of comforter to wrap around yourself. This comforter has a shell of silky smooth cotton of 400 thread count. Laundering is easy as this comforter is machine washable. Extra baffle boxes offer up to 3” of loft. The manufacturers provide a 10 year warranty. In a nutshell, this California King down comforter is suitable for the chilling cold Alaskan and Northern Canadian winters.


This comforter has got a thread count of 500. The Baffle Box construction of this comforter keeps the down from any shifting to take place. Gusset walls along the side offers luscious warmth. It is made of Egyptian cotton material with 60 ounces of 750 fill power. It also features hypo-allergenicity to provide comfortable and healthy sleep all night long.

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