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Understanding the pillow sham

Understanding the pillow sham

When you begin the process of buying the pillows, you will come across different terms that may confuse you. One of the terms that you need to be careful with is the pillow sham. Now, most people tend to think that the sham and the pillow cases are one and the same thing, but they are not. One is used to cover the pillow for sleeping, the other one is used for storing the pillow while it is not in use. You therefore need to pay attention to the terms lest you end up with the wrong product.

What is pillow sham?

This is an outer cover of the pillow that is used for decoration and also for storing the pillow when it is not in use. These products have been designed with a tuck flap on the back. If the shams have been designed with the right fabric then they can be slept on. The major difference between pillow cases and shams is in the function. However, the two also differ in sizes. The pillow cases come in two major sizes; the standard and the king size. When it comes to the pillow shams, you will come across different sizes including; king, queen, standard etc.

The main purpose of buying the sham is so as to enhance the general appearance of the bed. You may buy the sham with the rest of the bedding or individually. If you are going to buy them as individual pieces, there are factors that you need to consider;

The type of the sham

You will come across different types of the pillow shams. The different types will include;

  • Crotched shams; they have been created with fabrics that have crotched embellishment.
  • Lace shams; they are unique and elegantly designed with lace material
  • Quilted shams; created with different materials that have been fixed together to create an elegant pattern.
  • Embroidered shams; have been designed with embroidery patterns.

The material

It is quite important for you to consider the material that has been used to make the shams. Since these classic designs have been designed for decorative purposes, they come in different materials including; silk, satin, velvet etc. You may also come across shams that have been made from cotton blend or matelasse. You may also want to consider the print, patterns and the color of the shams as you are buying.

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