Is It Better For Your Neck And Spine To Sleep With Or Without A Pillow?
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Use a knee pillow for healthy sleeping habits

Use a knee pillow for healthy sleeping habits

Although knee pillows have not been a very popular product in the past, they are now beginning to gain increasing demand due to the various health benefits associated with them. There are a number of such pillows that are floating round the market, each serving a specific purpose. So if you are looking to get yourself a knee pillow, check out which one will serve you best.

Knee Pillows for back sleepers and side sleepers

Sleeping on the side with a knee pillow will help keep the spine in a neutral position as it makes sure your two legs do not join. The absence of this support can be hazardous as it can destroy the natural alignment of the spine. Naturally a firm pillow is seen to be more effective in serving this purpose.

However, when it comes to sleeping on one’s back, a knee pillow, placed below the knees helps reduce the strain on the lower back. Elevating your knees flattens the lumbar spine thereby ensuring that the force on the pain sensitive facet joints of the spine are drastically reduced.

Choosing from different knee pillows

The body pillow which is a long pillow helps in cradling your knees when sleeping on your side. However, you can also use it while sleeping on your back by flopping your leg over it

The hourglass pillow, made of memory foam is more comfortable as it fits itself to the contours of your body thus staying in place through the night. It’s good for providing support to the body

A pyramid shaped knee pillow known as a knee wedge pillow, is useful for back sleepers to give added elevation to the knees

However, normal pillows can also be used between the knees to reduce spinal strain and aches.

Benefits of knee pillows

Sleep is an essential part of our routine thus sleeping in the proper posture is essential for our health. A bad sleeping position gives rise to aches and pains. This is why getting yourself a knee pillowwill not just provide additional comfort, but will also reduce muscle tension by keeping the legs separate and relieving spinal stress. They also reduce muscle cramps, varicose veins and lower sciatica.

Knee pillowsare also useful in providing better sleep to pregnant women by ensuring they maintain the right posture. Thus having a knee pillow comes with numerous benefits so don’t waste time, get one now.

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