The Vera Wang Mattress Collection from Serta
The Vera Wang Mattress Collection from Serta. ShareTweet · Bedroom
Vera wang mattress for comfort

Vera wang mattress for comfort

A  Rose wood bed requires a mattress for comfortable sleeping. No bed is comfortable without a mattress so a mattress is of utmost importance. Vera Wang mattress is known to provide the utmost comfort for sleeping. There is nothing like the comfort offered by this mattress which is like sleeping on a cloud. This mattress is affordable, luxurious, made of organic fiber and has a life time guarantee. These mattresses are made of latex and inner spring for comfort that only Vera Wang Mattress can offer. They are supportive and provide pain relief. Movement is kept localized by these mattresses.

What does Vera Wang Mattress offer?

It is a latex mattress that is built to provide relief from pain. When you use the comfort offered by this mattress you will get up feeling relaxed.  There are covers in soft fabric which are available to keep the mattress fresh, clean and allergy free.  This is ideal for preventing the allergens from coming in contact with the mattress and providing protection for you from allergens. The cover is treated to take care of the mattress and is waterproof so spills and stains do not come in contact with the mattress. It extends to a depth of 15 inches on the mattress.

The Benefits of Vera Wang

The mattress is hypoallergenic, so do not worry about allergies or nose blockages when you use this mattress. The microfiber cover protects the mattress from dust mites. There is nothing to worry about when you use this mattress, it  is taken care by this cover. The cover can be easily washed by machine without too much of a hassle. It is 100% polyester. The fill of the pad is also polyester. The mattress pad can easily be slipped on the mattress without much trouble.  It provides additional comfort to the user of the mattress.

The Vera Wang Mattress

When you talk of comfort there is nothing better than what Vera Wang Mattress can offer. It molds to the contours of the body and relieves the pressure from shoulders, neck and back and you can sleep peacefully. There is warranty offered on this mattress which should be checked with the buyer at the time of purchase. There is no problem about the durability of this mattress which makes it a good choice for many customers. There is no motion transfer when my partner moves so I can sleep undisturbed. The price of the mattress is affordable for the comfort is offers.

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