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Visit mattress city

Visit mattress city

Mattress city is the foremost furniture and mattress retailer and have outlets in four locations. They are family owned business and offer value added services to their customers to make their shopping a pleasurable experience.

The owners

The owners of this family owned business are Stewart and Julie Patey and are longtime residents of the Snohomish County. They noticed that most of the furniture and mattress stores in their locality lacked the personal touch and had a very formal and     commercial in their approach. The store owners failed to understand the customer sentiments and treated them as necessary players in their game of commerce. That’s when the idea of starting their own venture germinated in their minds. They decided to try a different approach that would make shopping a pleasurable and memorable experience for the customers.

The approach to business

Being a family owned business they decided to add a personal touch to make their customers feel special. They refrain from pressurizing their customers into buying things from them. They are forthcoming with relevant information and do not hesitate to divulge it to the customers when required. They believe in providing the best possible deals to their customers. They have a unique approach to their business. They offer buy back or cash back option to the customers where in they pay a fixed amount for the old mattress irrespective of the condition of the mattress. While most stores throw the old and used mattresses into landfills, Mattress City donates these mattressesMattress City - 3 to various charitable organizations that require them. That’s a dual edged service- one to the society and the other to the environment! They do not give sales commission as part of their policy to serve their customers better. They promise same day delivery and ensure that it happens. Such prompt service, affordable prices and personalized customer care has made them a well known family name in their community and outside of it.

Product line

They not only deal with products of almost all well known brands, but they also deal with bedroom furniture. So it is basically a one stop shop for all your bedroom and sleep paraphernalia. Their stores have a friendly and homely ambience which puts the customer at ease at once. They have splendid offers on all the leading mattress brands. They also offer a “100 day no questions asked” bracket wherein the customers can exchange the mattress if they are unhappy with what they have purchased. They also offer excellent finance options.

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