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Visiting the mattress factory, what an interesting day

Visiting the mattress factory, what an interesting day

The mattress factory, a museum that tells you all you need to know about contemporary art, events and boasts of an amazing history is right around the corner if you are in Pennsylvania. If you follow the mattress factories interesting story all the way from 1977 when they started, you would be amazing by how far they have come.


The mattress factory was initially a warehouse where artist, Barbara Luderowski, began creating contemporary art all those years ago. It got its name since the warehouse purchased was actually used to house mattresses. Ever since then a lot of artists have been coming around to add their work to the vast collection that has already been housed here. After a few years of hosting art exhibits and other activities, the mattress factory finally registered as a not for profit, cultural and educational enterprise.

What happens here behind closed doors?

The mattress factory is a contemporary museum that has art put up within the four walls of the museum. You would find a lot of artists making their way here to set us their exhibits, that’s not all, they have openings and displays of all the art here on a regular basis. You can come by and be one of the 75000 people that visit the mattress factory every year.

If you are wondering if there is anything here about mattresses, other than the name and the history of the purchase, the answer is yes. Some of the exhibits here are done by artists who thought that they should add something like that to make this more meaningful. Others did it because they found the name rather misleading.

Other than having exhibits here, and giving you a glimpse of the different types of art you can find, they do have events here as well. Furthermore, you can even host an event here if you like, and are interested in managing one. Lastly, there are a lot of perks for people interested in joining as members, if this sounds like you, join today.

I need to know more

Well, unlike a lot of museums or enterprises that have started all those years back, the mattress factory is as social as it gets. You can find them on Face book, Twitter, and read about them at their blog as well. If you are looking for more information, you can read about them on their Wikipedia page as well.

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