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Washing down comforter – what to do and what not to do

Washing down comforter – what to do and what not to do

The comforter is an expensive investment, so you have to be cautious while washing down comforter. Good maintenance will improve the life expectancy of the comforter. A lot of people assume that washing down comforter in a small washing machine is a foolish thing to do. You can use air -clean your comforter if you wash it in outside. The comforter is washed once in every four years. However, air-dried is a better option to clean it.

Using Duvets

Don’t wash the comforter often; it will reduce the duration. When the comforter not in use, keep it flat. It will reduce the dirt and dander. Using duvets is an intelligent way to protect your comforter from pet’s yucky stuff. Ensure that you purchase duvets along with comforters. You can quickly put the quilt inside the duvets and zip it at one end. Duvets are the wise choice to protect your comforter. Spot clean is an alternative you can do it with proper equipment.

What not to do

Whatever you do for protection you can’t escape from washing your comforter quite some time. Ensure before washing that the washing machine is big enough to carry the comforter. Many householder washers are too small and not capable of handling the comforter pressure. Suppose if you try it in a small machine, forget about your comforter. Avoid pouring detergent over the comforter during running because it will stick and stays forever. Many people add extra detergent because of its pungent smell after wet. No need to worry about it. Dissolve the detergent or soap before putting comforter into a washer for better distribution.

Hot Water Or Cold Water

Always prepare cold water and it will keep the shine of the comforter. Hot water with detergents will cause damage to an upper layer of a comforter and its texture. Cold water and big washer are a better combination doing the washing. Moreover, it is tough to wash all the detergent from comforter so use organic cleaners that are helpful to your health. In winter condition, it drying water from comforter is a hard job. At that time, use washers medium heat and keep inside the home where you find a suitable place.
The drying process of washing down comforter takes least three over. To avoid clumping, smooth it down at regular intervals while drying. Use two or three tennis balls, and it will speed up the drying.

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