Mattress - Organic Mattress Facts
Organic Mattress Facts
What is organic mattress?

What is organic mattress?

If you want to enjoy good sleeping hours without intervention of disturbance then a good mattress is a must option. You will be surely overwhelmed with the diverse range of mattresses available in market. Airbed mattress, waterbed mattress and ortho mattress are few examples. The list is in exhaustive.

Synthetic mattresses

Polyester, nylon and polyurethane form the basic composition of normal mattress. These chemical elements are actually petroleum products and emit VOC’s. To decelerate their combustion process silicones, phosphate and boric acid are used to treat them. They can also be enclosed in combustion retarding fabrics to avoid sudden catch of fire.

Organic mattresses

As the name indicates organic mattress literally mean the involvement of organic elements and materials to form an organic mattress. Nature is simply wonderful, it automatically possess such things that can be substituted with synthetic options with more perfection. Polyurethane that is one of the fundamental of organic mattress can be easily replaced with latex of rubber tree. To enclose the mattress 100% cotton without infusion of any synthetic fabric is used. However kept in mind that cotton is not a combustible by default so a few layers of pure wool are definitely needed to inject in it and make it combustion retardant.

Variation in organic mattress

If you are looking for some organic mattress to enjoy wonders of Mother Nature then you can go through online the available mattresses in market. Some types are listed below. If you are a serious advocate of environmental friendly product then go for such latex material that does not involve any bleach cotton in its manufacturing process. Other fundamental composition may include bamboo blend, non toxic organic cotton fabrics. The mattress is sealed properly and it simply looks like a normal mattress. Sometimes it is also covered with biodegradable plastic. Horsehair, flax, steel, wool and pine are other organic materials involved in manufacturing of organic mattress. You can find eclectic range of vibrant colors in such mattresses. While surveying through internet you will come across such companies or even individuals who hold pride in their work in providing true organic mattresses. Majority of them are certified and possess exceptional and outstanding quality work. Organic mattress are much expensive then synthetic mattress so always make sure that you are satisfied from your supplier. Now you can get your mattress delivered at your doorstep with much ease.

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