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What to know about pillowtop mattress

What to know about pillowtop mattress

A pillowtop mattress is any mattress that features a padding sewn on the top area where you head rests when you sleep. The sewn top can be of cotton, wool, latex or foam. You are most likely to find pillowtops on innerspring and airbed type of mattresses.

There are several issues worth knowing about mattresses that feature pillowtops so as to be better informed when making a decision on whether to buy a mattress with a pillowtop or one that does not feature a pillowtop.


It turns out that mattresses that feature pillowtops happen to offer sufficient comfort compared to mattresses that do not feature the same. The mattresses are very good at minimizing pressure points, leading to pain relief, which encourages better sleep. However, these benefits only last a short period when the mattress is still relatively new.


Compared to mattresses without pillowtops, a pillowtop mattress turn out to be less durable. The mattress tends to sag faster, something attributed to uneven weight distribution since a big percentage of your body weight exerts pressure at the mattress’ mid section when you sleep.


A mattress that features a pillowtop can have one made of any material. Pillow tops made of memory foam tend to retain a lot of heat, which leads to increased warmth when you sleep. This can be very disturbing especially during summer since you are bound to have insufficient sleep. You have the option of choosing a mattress that features a pillowtop made of a material that does not retain heat.

Off Gassing

Off gassing refers to the odor that mattresses produce when still new. Although all mattresses produce some level of off gassing, mattresses with pillowtops happen to have a high degree of off gassing, which is no doubt sleep-disturbing. An affective way to deal with off gassing is to air the mattress in the open for several days before using it. You may also consider in a full mattress topper that completely covers the mattress to reduce level of off gassing.

Pain Relief

A pillowtop mattress is one of the sub-types of mattress to go for if you have body pain to deal with. This is because it is very effective in relieving pain associated with back, shoulder and hip areas of your body.

These are very important issues to know when contemplating on whether to buy a mattress with a pillowtop or one without.

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