What to look for in a full mattress sets

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One clever way of buying a new mattress is to buy a full mattress set instead of a mattress as piece. A full mattress set is simply a mattress that is sod as part of a bed and other bedding accessories.

Although cost-saving, choosing from several full mattress sets canbe a challenge. You need to look out for the following to allow you choose a set that will serve you best.


It is very common to find full mattress sets that include a mattress and a box spring

spring although those with rods, metal springs and wooden planks are also available. Although you can pick a set with a mattress featuring any of such, you need to pay attention to base of the bed. This is particularly important if yours is a small bedroom and you will want to store some things under the bed. A set can have a solid base of wood that closes the bed all round or feature storage compartments. There are also setssets with the base open.


You will most likely to come across sets that have the same fabric covering the mattress and its foundation, which can be box springs. You need to realize that there are other types of sets that do not feature the same fabric, which may interest you.


Size of a mattress set that interests you is an important consideration. Although the size you choose will most likely be informed by size of your bedroom, you need to note that common mattress sets are often available in four main sizes twin size that measures inches by inches, double size that measures inches by inches, queen size that measures inches by inches and king size that measures inches by inches.

You definitely cannot ignore benefits associated with buying a mattress set. In addition to reduced cost of buying a mattress, you have the opportunity to have a bed and beddings too. The fact that many furniture outlets stock varied sets also means that you can easily find a set nearby. The only disadvantage of buying a set lies in the fact that you have no room to choose a bed of your preference. Even so, your main intention is to have a new mattress. The bed and associated bedding accessories are not the big deal.

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